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Achieving a healthy eating​ lifestyle can be one of the most fulfilling ways to enhance your overall wellbeing. Download my free 40 page ebook, designed to help you integrate new habits in to your life and learn how to apply nutrition in a meaningful way. 

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My ambition is to empower you with the right tools and knowledge about nutrition, so that you can gain control of your diet and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

A member of RSPH (Royal Society of Public Health) and certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) at Level 4 of the Health and Social Care Framework.


I help clients design a lifestyle that works for their unique needs, based on a multi-disciplined approach incorporating mindset, nutrition knowledge, mindfulness and habits. 


By taking the time and care to listen to and understand your personal needs, I can help you break life-long habits, find a new appreciation for nourishment and ultimately learn how you can reach your health goals.


what people say

I have really enjoyed Elly's nutrition course, it has shifted my mindset, given me tools to move forward with confidence and motivation towards better balanced choices. I couldn't recommend this course enough.

- Lisa, 

Stay at home Mum

Elly is very passionate about what she does and you can see this from the moment you meet her. She makes your goals feel realistic and offers help/support along the way. It’s evident she knows what she is doing by the information she provides. Within the first four weeks I’ve lost over a stone, but more importantly 5% body fat and feel a lot healthier. Would highly recommend!

- Ryan,

Senior Programmatic Sales


I'm a frontline worker in the NHS and at the start of lockdown I realised I needed to make big changes to get my health back on track. This included taking care of my physical health and looking at my diet. It was in bad shape 6 months ago but with the continued support of Elly I'm back on.track and feeling amazing. Elly is great at being realistic and working with were your at. In fact my relationship with food is the best that it's been. Highly recommend Elly on your journey to a healthier and happier you.

- Esther,

NHS worker

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